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Collaborative Law

This is Divorce with Dignity. It is unlike regular litigation or the "normal" divorce that most people are used to.

The Collaborative Method is a way for people who are divorcing, to work together to create a resolution for their issues. The couples works together with trained professionals as a team to resolve any disputes respectfully, without going to court.

There is a saying that I have often sadly found to be true: "Criminal attorney's get to see the worst of society at their best. Family Law attorneys get to see the best of society at their worst."

Instead of going through a horrible process, the Collaborative Method allows good people to be their best during what is sometimes the worst time of their lives.

The Collaborative Method can be distinguished from other types of divorce by these features:
  • Each person has the help and support of their own attorney through the process.

  • It is private.

  • It is more cooperative.

  • It is often more creative.

  • The people often make well-informed and appropriate decisions for both the spouses and their whole family. Something that works. Not something imposed by the court.

  • It can be more satisfying, because the parties come up with the solutions.

  • It can protect the children from the hostility and difficulty of the court process.

  • It can allow each spouse to discuss his/her needs.

  • It can save money.

  • It can help parents come up with new tools for effective problem-solving in the future, such as for co-parenting.


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