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What is mediation?

Mediation is a way to settle disputes and law suits instead of going through a trial. It allow you to control decisions affecting your family, finances, business, divorce, custody problems and other aspects of life. A trained neutral professional helps you and the other party negotiate a compromise. That compromise will be written into a contract signed by both parties. The Goal of mediation is to assist people in conflict find a "win - win" solution to problems without a costly courtroom battle.

Divorce mediation provides a positive outcome not achievable through litigation. Divorce mediation shelters you and your children from the harmful impact of Divorce. Litigation is not a pre-set exercise, but only the choice of last resort. Divorce Mediation is the logical and positive alternative to the bitterness and contentiousness involved in the adversarial battleground of the divorce process.

It is low cost, involves less time and is less contentious than litigation. This is the financially sophisticated means to address large estates, because the information is kept private. It is completely confidential, (unlike a court case where anything filed with the court is accessible by the public) it is less formal and achieves a speedier resolution.

Mediation encourages both parties to reshape their future, rather than rehash the past. It can be a cooperative negotiation process, a collaborative process rather than a process fueled by intimidation.

Mediation can resolve the issues of custody, visitation, equitable distribution, child support and separation all without the high cost of litigation. At the conclusion of mediation, the parties are in every way as divorced as the couple who has emotionally battled it out with litigation.

I am an unbiased Mediator. I will inform you of the practical application of the law, so that you will generate creative solutions you and your family can live with. This is the pro-active means to an end.

Why should I use mediation?

Mediation has many advantages:
  • The people in a conflict control the outcome of their dispute, not a judge.

  • Any issue between people can be discussed and resolved, whether or not it is part of a lawsuit.

  • Mediation promotes communications and cooperation.

  • Mediation is less expensive than litigation.

  • The people involved in mediation will save money on attorney's fees.

  • Mediation teaches people how to negotiate, a skill that can be used in future problem resolution.

  • Mediation is confidential, personal problems are not aired publicly.

  • Mediation is usually quicker and more efficient than the trial process.

  • Mediation allows individuals to tailor solutions to best meet their needs.


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